Organ Pipes National Park

Organ Pipes Rd, Keilor North

Just 20 kilometres north-west of Melbourne’s CBD, the Organ Pipes National Park is found at the eastern-most edge of one of the world’s largest ancient volcanic lava flows, stretching 350 kilometres from the edge of Melbourne to the western border of Victoria.

Within the park is its namesake – an impressive rock formation that was formed one million years ago by cooling and cracking volcanic lava. The Organ Pipes look just like their name suggests, towering above the picturesque Jackson Creek below.

A short walk away you can also see:

  • the Rosette Rock that resembles the spokes of a wheel
  • a Tessellated Pavement and
  • fossils over four million years old.

Great for social gatherings, the serene park also has several picnic spots and easy walking tracks.

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