Brimbank Park

Keilor Park Drive, Keilor East

When it comes to Melbourne parks that are perfect for kids, grown-ups, exercising and having fun, Brimbank Park is at the top of the list.

Sitting within the Maribyrnong Valley Parklands and just a short drive from the Melbourne CBD, Brimbank Park offers an ideal setting for walking and cycling, picnics, fishing, canoeing and more.

Before opening as a park in 1976, the fertile river valley was used in the early days of European settlement – and for about 12,000 years by the Wurundjeri people before that.

What to do on your visit

If the little ones are in tow, spend some time at the Brimbank Park Playscape, which has been designed to cater to children of all ages and abilities.

If walking is your thing, enjoy the extensive network of scenic walking tracks, including the main trail that meanders alongside the Maribyrnong River forming a circuit of 4.3 kilometres. It also links to the Maribyrnong River Trail, making it possible to walk or cycle from Keilor along the river as far as Footscray.

If that’s not enough, prolific birdlife provides plenty of opportunities for bird watching, and a walk along the Australian Plant Trail showcases the colour and beauty of the local flora.

To refuel, make sure you include a stop at the Lumbar & Co café for some of the best scones you’ll ever have.

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